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Monoblock Valve Manufacturers In The World: A Top List In 2023

Learn where you could get the best monoblock valves by checking out the hydraulic valve manufacturers in the world in this article.

Monoblock valve manufacturers in the World

To know where you could get a high-quality monoblock valve, you should check out below information which regards to valve manufacturers in the World.


Walvoil, established in Italy, consist of 3 main brands, walvoil, hydrocontrol and galtech, having subsidiaries in Italy, USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Australia, India, Korea and China.

Walvoil provide a full line of hydraulics, covering directional control valves&remote controls, pumps&motors, compact hydraulics and electronic components.


Prince Manufacturing Corporation is a U.S.-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of hydraulic components. Founded in the 1940s, the company has a long history of producing high-quality hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, and valves among other hydraulic equipment.


Youli Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of hydraulic components.

Their main products involve sectional control valves, monoblock directional valves, diverter valves, remote controls and proportional control valves.

Brand Hydraulics

Located in Omaha, NE, Brand Hydraulics is a manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic valves, hand pumps, and other hydraulic components.

Cross Manufacturing

Cross Manufacturing, founded in the 1940s, is a U.S.-based professional company specializing in the fabricating and distribution of hydraulic components.

The company offers a wide range of products including hydraulic cylinders, directional control valves, gear pumps, and motors, among others.


Located in Turkey, HİDROS Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic components. It has many branch companies worldwide as follows:

  • Hidros(Turkey)
  • Hidro-pack(Turkey)
  • Hydrocap(Bulgaria)
  • Hydro-pack LTD(Bulgaria)
  • Gohydraulik GmbH (Germany)
  • Hidros Southern Africa (South Africa) 

Their product range includes hydraulic pumps, Inline valves, monoblock valves, orbital motors and steering units, hydraulic mini power units, hydraulic oil coolers, mini power packs, slewing drives, piston pumps, tractor and forklift parts.

Monoblock valves manufacturing companies in World: Summary

With all the hydraulic valve manufacturers that were mentioned above, all you have to do is to compare them and choose the right manufacturer that can be your suppliers.

HUANUO Hydraulic

HUANUO is among the best monoblock valve manufacturers in the world, and as such, they have a large selection of premium valves at competitive prices.


Walvoil Logo

Image Source: Walvoil

Walvoil is located in Italy. It is the best in the world in making monoblock directional control valves, sectional valves, gear pumps, flow dividers, which are applied in the industry of agricultural machinery, material handling, industrial vehicles and construction.


Prince Logo

Image Source: Prince

Prince is located in North Sioux City, SD, USA. Prince manufacturing specializes in hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves and other hydraulic accessories.


Youli Logo

Image Source: Youli Hydraulics

Youli is located at Lane 145, Tai Ming Rd., Wu Zih Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan, having offices in Korea, UK, USA, Canada, Netherland etc, mainly supplies high quality directional valves, pilot control valves and flow control valves.

Brand Hydraulics

Brand Hydraulics Logo

Image Source: Brand Hydraulics

Located in Omaha, NE, Brand has a history of 67 years and mainly provides monoblock valves, hand pumps and electronics. 

Cross Manufacturing

Cross Manufacturing Logo

Image Source: Cross Manufacturing

Cross Manufacturing is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic components. The company often produces a broad range of products, such as hydraulic cylinders, directional flow control valves, gear pumps, and motors among others. Their products are generally designed for use in mobile and industrial applications, including agriculture, construction, mining, and various other sectors.


Hidros Logo

Image Source: Hidros

Hidros Group have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and sales of hydraulic products.

They mainly provide hydraulic valves and other components for agricultural industry, industrial fields and mobile applications.

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